Western Peaks Calibration Service, Inc., is dedicated to providing NIST traceable calibrations as well as repair services in support of the biomedical industry. Our goal is to offer these critical services with unsurpassed levels of convenience, integrity, and value. Our foundation is built on over 30 years' service experience in the test and measurement industry, with the vast majority of this experience in the biomedical environment.


We have changed the theme of this website from providing information about Western Peaks to providing an education on what to expect from an on-site calibration service provider. This is in response to the discovery of sub-standard test equipment service that we have witnessed while servicing new accounts.


We at Western Peaks believe that regardless of who your vendor is, you should receive what you pay for, i.e., if you pay for calibration on a given item, then it should have a calibration procedure performed. The most common response we get on site is, "Wow--the others guys didn't take the cases off of our equipment like you do." Here is a short list of the most common items that MUST have the cases removed in order to calibrate:


  • DNI 454A Electrosurgical Analyzer
  • DNI MedTester Safety Analyzers
  • All DNI, Netech, Metron and Bio-Tek Defibrillator Analyzers
  • DNI CuffLink NIBP Analyzers
  • DNI 234A, 235A Safety Analyzers
  • DNI 213, 215, 217 Patient Simulators



Other items should be opened as well on a case-by-case basis in order to perform optimizing alignments. We have found overwhelmingly that this is not being done by our competition.


Some other indicators that you are not receiving proper service:


  1. Factory calibration seals and stickers from previous years are not removed.
  2. Stickers on top of stickers. Units not cleaned or adhesives removed.
  3. More than 25 items serviced (per technician) in a single eight-hour work day.
  4. Calibration sticker is of a different company than the calibration void seal.
  5. Calibration void sticker being placed in an area that does not prohibit adjustment access
    (lack of knowledge of the equipment).



Based on our client feedback, Western Peaks spends between 30 to 50 percent more time servicing our client's equipment than their previous vendor. This is because we utilize our 30 years of experience to focus on detail and diligence, not speed and quantity. We simply do not get in a hurry to finish our work. We will perform repairs on site whenever possible with no additional charge. Even with this criteria, we still have saved our clients as much as 50 percent on their calibration budget. We encourage you to ask questions, both of your current provider and of us. We encourage you to check our references as well. To receive a quote on your test equipment calibrations, simply email your equipment list to one of the email addresses listed on the Contact Us page. We look forward to serving you, and thank you for visiting our site.

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