Q. How far will Western Peaks travel to service my equipment?

A. Western Peaks will travel up to 500 miles unconditionally to service an account of at least $1200 in billing. If your quote is less, don't worry...chances are we can coordinate your needs with those of other customers in your area to work you into our schedule. If you are over 500 miles from La Veta, CO, give us an email or fax...we'll make every attempt to accommodate you. We will serve customers from the northwest coast to the southwest coast as well as customers to our direct north, south, and east up to 1000 miles from our facility in La Veta,CO.


Q. What if I have an item that cannot be brought into tolerance and I do not want it fixed?

A. Western Peaks will not charge for any item that does not receive an N.I.S.T. certificate of calibration, regardless of how much time spent in the alignment process or repair attempt.


Q. How long will it take to receive my documentation?

A. Western Peaks technicians will be equipped to provide every customer with a CD-ROM and a hard copy summary of all equipment serviced. In addition, we will provide certificates for each item calibrated, as well as a summary report and invoice at the conclusion of each service call.


Q. Who calibrates WPC's equipment?

A. Our primary standards are either factory calibrated or calibrated by a standards-level facility of our choice. We deal only with known and trusted calibration facilities. With the traceability provided by these facilities, we pass that traceability on throughout our asset inventory with the same level of confidence with which we certify your test equipment.


Q. What if we schedule an on-site calibration date and need to cancel or reschedule?

A. No problem. We are flexible and will work with your schedule changes. We just ask that you give us enough notice so that we can contact our field service technician in time to re-route.


Q. What are WPC's billing terms?

A. Our billing terms are net 30 days. Account over 30 days are assessed a ten percent account maintenance fee. Accounts over 60 days are assessed a fee double that of the previous. Accounts over 90 days are referred to collections. History has proven that this is a rare necessity. We prefer a purchase order at the time of service. Visa is accepted and if utilized at the time of service, will earn a 5% discount.


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