Service is the heart of our business, and providing you with reliable and convenient NIST traceable on-site calibrations is the heart of our service.


ON SITE--Our technicians are military trained and certified PMEL technicians with a minimum of four years of experience. In addition, a full indoctrination period of at least three months additional training is undergone by every Western Peaks technician. We will arrive on time, fully equipped at your facility to provide service to you. We will work around your schedule whenever possible. You will NEVER be charged extra for our travel expenses. The only charges you will be billed are the per-item charge that you are quoted up front and any incidental parts used in the servicing of these items.


REPAIRS--In addition to extremely competitive per-item pricing, we also offer limited on-site repairs with no additional labor charges. The bottom line is if we have the parts and the time on hand, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars in repair costs AND downtime. Even if we don't have the part needed on hand, we will troubleshoot the unit as far as possible on site to minimize or even eliminate your labor charges to complete the repair.


GUARANTEE--Our services are fully guaranteed. You will never pay twice for the same service within the calibration cycle. If your unit has a recurring problem that requires factory support by the manufacturer, we will refund any charges billed to you for related service.

Manufacturers we service:


Fluke Biomedical • Metron (Fluke) • Pronk Technologies • Meriam • Extech • Bio-Tek • Machlett • DNI Nevada • Dale • Tektronix • Timeter • Nellcor • Agilent • Hewlett-Packard • Netech • IET • Ohmic and many more...

We have a long list of satisfied clients.

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